Albemarle County STORMWATER Issue Update

Albemarle County Stormwater Issue
(the proposed RAIN TAX)

Virginia Gardner

Why am I providing this information about the proposed Albemarle County Stormwater Issue?
I am a Realtor with Roy Wheeler Realty Co.  I am providing this page on my website as a service to my personal community of Earlysville (I live in Earlysville with my husband and 4 four-legged children) and my personal real estate clients living in Albemarle County.  The “stormwater utility” will cost EVERY SINGLE OWNER IN ALBEMARLE COUNTY.   I believe, in its current proposed form,  it is completely unfair to people living in the rural area (like those in Earlysville).  The information provided herein is a compilation of data from different sources, including the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors and Staff, Charlottesville Tomorrow, The Daily Progress and the Free Enterprise Forum.  The County Supervisors are working to address the Albemarle County Stormwater issue.

Contact your Albemarle County representative to let them know how you feel about the proposed stormwater utility program.  Click on the area in which you live below, and you will find the email address for your representative on the Board of Supervisors. 

For Earlysville residents, your representative is Ann Mallek, 

You can also attend meetings of the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors.  There is a work session scheduled for April 11, 2018,  at Lane Auditorium.  The meeting will begin at 2:00.  There is additional business on the agenda, so the conversation about the stormwater will not be the only material covered. Here’s a Link to the April 11 Agenda.  

UPDATE – 17 APRIL 2018 – Albemarle County Stormwater Issue
The following Daily progress article  provides a summary of the April 11 Board of Supervisors meeting:
Albemarle supervisors direct staff to abandon stormwater utility fee


FAQs and Responses from the Albemarle County website These Frequently Asked Questions are intended to provide broad information on (the) proposed stormwater utility.
This is a great place to start, as the questions presented are likely questions most of us have.

Overview from the Albemarle County websiteAlbemarle County is in the process of developing a stormwater utility to support the wide variety of water resource programs it implements. Information related to that process is summarized here. MORE…

A very detailed explanation of Albemarle County’s proposed Stormwater Utility has been provided by Neil Williamson, President of the Free Enterprise Forum.  The Free Enterprise Forum does not support the County’s Stormwater Utility plan, and they make it very clear why they have adopted this position.
(Please note: The Free Enterprise Forum has been following/commenting on this matter for several years; I begin below with their December 2017 post.)

  – beginning October 2015
The Daily Progress and Charlottesville Tomorrow

Albemarle supervisors briefed on stormwater fee recommendation
Sean Tubbs | Wednesday, October 07, 2015 – Charlottesville Tomorrow

Albemarle supervisors reaffirm support for stormwater fee
Sean Tubbs | Tuesday, September 13, 2016 – Charlottesville Tomorrow

Albemarle still planning stormwater utility fee in 2019
Sean Tubbs | Wednesday, July 05, 2017 – Charlottesville Tomorrow

Panel hears more details on Albemarle stormwater fee
Sean Tubbs | Monday, September 11, 2017 – Charlottesville Tomorrow

Estimated costs for water resources program rise
Sean Tubbs | Wednesday, October 04, 2017 – Charlottesville Tomorrow

Supervisors briefed on stormwater fee, stream buffer rules
Sean Tubbs | Thursday, December 07, 2017 – Charlottesville Tomorrow

Albemarle delays discussion on proposed stormwater fee
BY ALLISON WRABEL – Dec 25, 2017 –The Daily Progress

Stormwater fee issue heats up in Albemarle
BY ALLISON WRABEL – Mar 25, 2018 –The Daily Progress

Albemarle to delay decision on stormwater utility fee
BY ALLISON WRABEL – Mar 29, 2018 –The Daily Progress

“The goals of the meeting are to provide the Board with a brief update on the effort to develop an alternative means of funding water resources programs, to give the Board an opportunity to share their current views and discuss options, and to get direction from the Board on moving forward.”
from Greg Harper, Chief of Environmental Services, Albemarle County Water Resources Program