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The Leaves Turned and They Haven’t All Dropped Yet!

Finally, some color!  I’ve always heard that we need a cold snap and rain to encourage the best Fall color.  We actually had a pretty wet summer, but we had a dry spell and mild temperatures just as Fall was marching in; it seemed we were going to miss that spectacular Fall foliage color once […]

Murder on the Back Forty

Murder on the Back Forty Gardening in Central Virginia: This morning I committed murder – multiple times – before my first cup of coffee. Our “back forty” is actually about 1/10 of an acre and it is our vegetable garden.  I love it and am very proud of it.  We’ve built a series of raised beds […]

Yes, indeed, it’s Spring in Charlottesville!

We had a relatively drag-y sort of winter… you know, the type that seems to not want to end.  We had just a couple of heavy snows, and the rest of the winter was dry and cold.  A week ago, I was beginning to prepare the beds for upcoming vegetable planting, and I wondered if […]