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The Leaves Turned and They Haven't All Dropped Yet!

Finally, some color! I've always heard that we need a cold snap and rain to encourage the best Fall color. We actually had a pretty wet summer, but we had a dry spell and mild temperatures just as Fall was marching in; it seemed we were going to miss that spectacular Fall foliage color once again. But then it happened... we had a bit of rain and last week, we got the few days of frost we needed. It's unfortunate that many of the trees had already dropped their leaves, but I'm here to tell you that you can enjoy some brilliant color, you just have to go out and look for it.

charlottesville fall colorI wasn't looking for it this rainy morning as I drove to a closing in Dillwyn. Dillwyn is quite a hike from our home in Earlysville, and that 8:30 am closing was not making me all that happy. As it turns out, that rainy drive set my day perfectly.... Just look at this beautiful color!

So, if you think you missed the color, think again! Do yourself a favor and take a drive down VSH 20 South to Scottsville this weekend. Go ahead, cross that bridge into Buckingham and drive... you won't regret it.

Scottsville, Virginia is a town in Albemarle CountyWhile you are there, you might want to wander around Scottsville. It's been a while since we've been down there, and I'm thinking we could maybe use a weekend get-away south of Charlottesville. Following are a few links that you might find interesting...

From The Hook in September, "Could Scottsville be the county's new hotspot?"

From the Scottsville Chamber of Commerce website: "What to do in Scottsville"

From the Town of Scottsville: "36 Hours in Scottsville" After that, give me a call and we'll take a look at some houses! Have a great weekend...

fall foliage in Virginia, Virginia Gardner is a Real Estate agent in Charlottesville