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The City Market is Open!

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Welcome back to City Market 2016!
Locations and Hours of Operations
City Market
Water St. parking lot between 2nd St. SE and First St.
Saturdays, April - October: 7 am - noon
Saturdays, November - December: 8 am - 1 pm
Farmers in the Park
Meade Park, Meade Ave.
Wednesdays, June - September: 3 pm - 7 pm
Michie Market

The Michie Market, introduced in 2015 by the International Rescue Committee New Roots program, and featuring specialty crops grown by IRC refugees, will reopen on Thursdayevenings, 5:00pm - 6:30pm, June to October on Michie Drive.

Find out more about the New Roots Program
Are you a SNAP shopper? Get more for your money using Double-Value Incentives at City Market!

This year Market Central, in partnership with Sarah Lahr Educational Fund and the
the  International Rescue Committee's New Roots program, is offering two forms of incentive coupons for SNAP shoppers! Shoppers can still get up to a $10 match on regular SNAP eligible items using Market Central's coupons, as in previous years.
We are also introducing FRESH FUND incentives for fresh fruits and vegetables. SNAP shoppers can get an additional $10 match to spend on the very best of local produce. Note that these are parallel programs, each offering a $1 for $1 match up to $10 per market.  Take advantage of both for $40 worth of food for $20!

What does this mean for shopping at City Market this season?
  • Stop by the Market Central booth to redeem your SNAP card for tokens for up to  $40 worth of food for $20!
  • Look for the vendors with signs indicating that they accept these coupons as a form of payment, making shopping easier.
  • Feed your family more of the very best of local fresh food, especially those gorgeous fruits & veggies!
If you are a SNAP shopper and are interested in using either or both incentive programs, you can sign up at the Market Central booth and get up to $20 in vouchers to spend right away!
Composting at City Market is back!

Due to popular demand, the City of Charlottesville is providing a composting drop-off location at the City Market again for 2016! Full information and questions can be addressed at

  • Residents can bring household compostable items such as food scraps and compostable packaging (no yard waste!) to the Composting Station at the City Market on Saturdays, April through October, this year during market hours.
  • The Composting Station can assist with what to compost, how to compost, and will also give out free compostable bags residents can use to collect their compostable items.
Volunteers are needed to assist at the Composting Station! Sign up via this link; contact; or stop by the Composting Station.
Market News

The Market Plaza development continues. Look for the south end of the currently used lot and the upper lot to be closed for construction beginning this summer. Preparations have begun. The Water St. parking garage is open, as well as street parking on Garrett St, 1st St, and Monticello Ave.
A few market rules to remember:
  • No dogs (except for service dogs) are allowed. There was some confusion on the issue last year. It is unsanitary, too crowded, and we observed dogs who were getting their feet burned on the blacktop last year. Dogs are allowed at Farmers in the Park, which is set up in the grass under the shade of trees.
  • The managers' tent will be beside the coffee & beignet vendor this year. Look for the purple tent in Row C19a. The Market Central booth, where you can buy SNAP and Debit tokens, will be at the Kiosk.
Did you know that Stephanie Anderegg-Maloy, the Market Master for 12 years, has left the position? We thank her for many years of service and wish her the best in the future. Vendors and customers alike will miss her infectious laugh and lively spirit, not to mention her entire family! No doubt we will still see her at the market. The City is in the process of interviewing new applicants for the position.
Iron Chef Competition

April 16. Presented with City Market and Cavalier Produce, this event challenges six sous chefs to create a dish that is 100% locally-sourced. The dishes will be scored live by a panel of judges, with the winner named "Charlottesville's Iron Chef."

Egg Nomenclature. How did it become so complicated to buy eggs? 
Here is an egg chart from Rodale's Organic Life magazine.  
Certified Organic
The only USDA-regulated label. Requires that hens get outdoor access and feed without GMOs, antibiotics, or animal products. 

As certified by Demeter USA, farms using this label must follow organic standards, build soil health, and protect biodiversity
Pasture Raised

This Humane Farm Animal Care (HFAC) certification means birds must be outdoors on rotated, vegetation-covered pasture for a minimum of 6 hours every day, with 108 square feet of space per chicken.

Hens' diet is fortified with flaxseed, which can increase the beneficial, brain-boosting omega-3 fatty acids in their eggs by more than 100 percent.
Certified Humane
An HFAC label requiring that hens have space to move around and care from trained handlers. 

Hens' feed is free of animal protein. Could mean no chance to forage. (Hens are by nature omnivores and will eat insects if given the chance.)
Free Range
Although this might sound like it means the same thing as pasture raised, it just signifies that outdoor access must be provided for a minimum of 6 hours per day with 2 square feet of space per bird.

Uncaged birds, typically with no outdoor access. 
United Egg Producers Certified
Leave these eggs on the shelf. Birds are caged or housed cage-free indoors, beaks are sheared, and feed includes GMOs and antibiotics.

Solution? Get to know your farmer (you can visit many farms on Meet Yer Eats farm tour) and find out how they care for their chickens. Buy your eggs at your farmers market!

Market Central, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to engaging the 
Charlottesville City Market Community. 

Contact us for information about our programs.

For market operations and space assignments, please contact the market managers.

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