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How to SELL Your Earlysville Home in this Competitive Market, Part 2: Hire A Home Inspector

Should I hire a Home Inspector before listing my Earlysville Home for Sale? Yes!!

Why you should hire a Home Inspector before listing your Earlysville home for sale. This is a very smart thing to do in today's competitive market!

What to Consider If You Hire a Home Inspector

The first thing to know is that your home is different today from when you purchased it.  Age makes no difference. This is because the construction of homes are made of materials that change.  And, the dirt underneath is always moving. Your house is affected when it is heated and cooled.  Dust, pests, mold... water infiltration... Can you say beyond a shadow of a doubt that your home requires no repairs?

You know that a buyer will require a home inspection as a contingency to their offer to purchase your home.  This inspection will be completed AFTER you have negotiated the contract.  It is to your advantage to know BEFORE these negotiations that your buyer's inspector will or won't be finding $2000 of necessary repairs. This is why you should hire a home inspector before listing your home. 

"Know your Home" before putting it on the market.  Ask your Realtor to bring in a good home inspector and let the inspector know you want a buyer's home inspection.  Every inspection is different, that's just a fact.  But, a good inspector will find significant problems, problems that you can address by repair or disclosure before your buyer writes their offer.

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REMEMBER You don t have to go it alone. Lets talk about what things can be done for little or no money, and which repair and maintenance items will be required to get your house sold for the most money. 

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If you are considering purchasing or selling a home in the Earlysville area, rely on me to help you put the pieces together.  Virginia Gardner, Roy Wheeler Realty Co., (434) 981-0871 Email Virginia

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