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How to SELL Your Earlysville Home in this Competitive Market, Part 3: Thinking About Your Pets

What to Do About Your Pets When Selling Your Earlysville Home

In our highly competitive home sales market, learn these tips about selling your home with pets. These extra steps will make a world of difference.

I am a serious animal lover.  I grew up with cats and never much around dogs. One day, a Dalmatian entered our lives. AND I now cannot imagine my life without my four-legged children!  Of course, pet people who are buying houses need to keep their furry friends in mind when they consider homes.  But, what about sellers?  Understand... no matter how important your animals are to you, they have nothing whatsoever to do with why a buyer will purchase your home.  In fact, they may contribute to the buyer bypassing your home for another.

Consult With Your Realtor

When you list your home for sale, make sure you discuss your animals with your Realtor.   How many and what kind of animals do you own?  Your Realtor will put this information in the MLS so the buyer's agent is aware of a pet in the home. Then they can prepare their buyer before entering. (And it will remind them to use caution to not let your beloved pet outside when they open the door!)

If Reasonable, Remove Your Pets For a Showing

This is very often impossible, but it is the best scenario, of course.   If you work from home, take your furry friends with you for a car ride.  Do you have an at-home neighbor who likes you and your animal?  Do you have a daycare situation that you can use when you have enough warning of the showing?  This will allow potential buyers to look at your home with out the distraction of a jumping or barking dog or overly friendly cat.

cartoon image of a dog in a cageCan't Remove Them? Contain Them.

If removing your pets just isn't an option,  it is important that you keep them contained to one section of the home. The laundry room, unfinished basement, or garage would work well. Make sure to post a sign (printed from the computer!) on the door as a warning to your potential buyer and their agent. Although they may be disappointed they cannot access one of these rooms, it is better than them not looking at all because you have a barking dog guarding your front door.  I'll never forget the day I opened a garage door from the kitchen and was met by a very large and very friendly Great Dane.  I knew he was going to be there (agent had warned in the MLS that the dog was friendly and we could open the door to see the garage), but I didn't expect him to come out and put his big paws on me (ripped my slacks) and scared the daylights out of my client.  The client couldn't get away fast enough!

Keep Pet Toys and Areas Tidy.

Litter boxes should be kept out of sight and cleaned right before you leave the house.   Organize all of your dogs toys and bones and put them away in one spot. Keep their food areas neat and clean.  Don't let a foul odor or untidy pet spaces be the reason a buyer walks back out the door.

cartoon drawing of a dog and cat sleeping togetherGive Your Animals Baths, Clean the Furniture and Carpets.

There's nothing worse than stinky animal smell hitting you as you walk through the door.  Some dog breeds have flatulence, and you just need to keep them out of the house altogether.  Old dogs can be just plain stinky, so make sure you keep them bathed.   Clean all carpets and furniture, too.  Ask your friend or Realtor if they smell anything, because it's likely you are so used to it you don't even notice.

By following these few simple steps, selling your home with a pet will hopefully be a seamless process and they will be back the ruling to roost in no time!

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REMEMBER You don t have to go it alone. Lets talk about what things can be done for you and your pets when selling your Earlysville home.  

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