Charlottesville offers a diversity of lifestyles

find charlottesville downtown home with realtor virginia gardner,, 434-981-0871Another reason to love Charlottesville is the diversity of neighborhoods and communities.  One of the things I hope to accomplish here is to create an overall impression of the diversity of housing options available in Charlottesville.  Yes, we are in many ways still a very small community.  Yes, there are only a finite number of homes available in any given community.  Still, we enjoy a wide range of community and neighborhood types.

Crozet and Charlottesville Virginia Realtor Virginia Gardner, www.charlottesvillehome.comAre you hoping to find the perfect planned development, with all of the amenities, for your family?  We have a great diversity of communities with pools, tennis courts, soccer fields, just about anything you want.  And in all different styles and price ranges.

Would you rather find an older home with architectural charm and be able to walk to downtown restaurants?  The availability may be less, but it certainly exists and is a wonderful lifestyle for certain people.

Charlottesville Virginia Realtor Virginia Gardner, www.CharlottesvilleHOME.comMaybe you would like a townhome, condominium, or zero-lot-line sort of community  instead?  Maybe you are a busy professional who wants or needs to spend less time worrying about your house than traveling and biking and hiking and working.  Maybe you are hoping to downsize and would love for someone else to take care of the exterior maintenance of your home from now on.  There are all sorts of option available.

Or, maybe you want to live in a more rural environment, have a little more breathing (growing) room.  This is probably our largest segment of the market, since it’s only been the past thirty years that planned developments have come to Charlottesville.  This rural-area lifestyle is the one my husband and I have chosen.  We live in Earlysville, with gardens and big dogs, and our daily walks afford us this view.

Earlysville and Charlottesville realtor Virginia Gardner,

Charlottesville, One of America’s Favorite Cities

Everyone has their own idea of the kind of neighborhood and community that is right for them and for their family.  What’s yours?  Let me help you discover your Charlottesville.

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If you are considering purchasing or selling a home in the Charlottesville area, rely on me to help you put the pieces together.  Virginia Gardner, Roy Wheeler Realty Co., (434) 981-0871Email Virginia

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