How can we make our moving easy?

Question: “We’re planning to move to a new home soon. What steps can we take now to make our move go more smoothly?”

Our suggestion: Moving can be very stressful, but there are ways to help you tackle the task. Here are six quick tips to make your next move go more smoothly: 1. Have a garage sale well before you begin packing. That way you won’t be taking unnecessary items to your new home. (Here’s your chance to unload all the things you don’t want or don’t need any longer. You’ll be glad you did.) 2. Use sturdy, reinforced boxes.  Go to a professional moving company to get the right boxes.  Your grocer’s boxes just won’t do.  Remember to pack your boxes carefully. 3. Use towels, blankets and pillows to separate pictures and fragile items. Pack all your glass items and dishes vertically and with packing materials to prevent any breakage. 4. Label all your boxes. Mark boxes with FRAGILE ITEMS on the outside. 5. Pack one box with essential items: coffee, tea, soap, toiletries, flashlight, plastic ware, snacks, paper towels that you can open when you arrive.  Mark this box OPEN ME FIRST…that way you’ll have the essentials when you arrive at your new home. 6. Lastly, work with your moving company. Be sure to have your shipment’s registration number, and let the company know how to reach you at all times.

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