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Buying Your Charlottesville Home are blog posts that provide pertinent information for home buyers in the Charlottesville VA area.

Advice and pointers are key issues in these blog posts.

These posts give pointers that home buyers should know about. One post explains how to define your home search by realizing your criteria. Real Estate Recovery posts discuss how buying up in a down market is advantageous and related economics. Another very important post lets the home buyer know the duties and responsibilities of their real estate agent. In conclusion, the home buyer will benefit from the information in these posts.

Some of Our Favorite Sold Listings

Some of Our Favorite Sold Listings in the Charlottesville Area The following are links to some of our favorite past listings. These homes are in various Charlottesville area neighborhoods. Please visit the properties below to view details and maps. Albemarle County: Branchlands Neighborhood – 1412 Lilac Court Claremont at Carriage Hill –  #304, 1055 Weybridge […]

What are HOAs and POAs and Why Do I Have to Pay Fees?

Neighborhood Finances: Learning About HOAs and POAs This post answers the questions, “What are HOAs and POAs?” and “Why do I have to pay fees?” Explanations are given for HOAs, POAs, and why there are required fees. Today many Charlottesville area neighborhoods require homeowners to belong to a Home Owners Association (HOA) or a Property […]

How to Define YOUR Home Search

When you begin looking for your new home, you will have in mind specific criteria.  Those criteria will likely include location, price, size, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and whether or not a basement or garage is imperative.  Almost any Home Search form you find will include these basic criteria. What if it’s important that […]

Interest Rates Spike – Really?

I was in a closing the other day, and the buyer had scored a 3.25% mortgage interest rate, a full percentage point less than what she would have gotten had she locked in that day of closing on her house.  And, today, a couple of weeks later, rates have inched up just a little more. […]

Real Estate Recovery in Charlottesville, VA: Buyers Who Buy Now, Even If They Need To Sell, Will Be Ahead In The Long Run

Real Estate Recovery in Charlottesville, Virginia There are homeowners that would like to have a larger/nicer home but are patiently waiting for the market to improve.  An objection we hear is that they can’t sell their home for what it is currently worth. Buying up in a down market is actually advantageous because while you […]