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Blog posts in this category will discuss issues about financing your Charlottesville home. 

Financing a mortgage for your home purchase is among the most important parts of buying a Charlottesville home.

Posts will address different mortgage options available in the Charlottesville Virginia area. One post discusses interest rates while another post discusses financing a home remodel for resale value. There is a post that discusses Real Estate Recovery. A special post discusses understanding your finances. It also talks about learning how to save your money. All of the posts under this category should be of great help to the Charlottesville home buyer.

Why have a mortgage during retirement?

Retirement with a Second Mortgage Valuable information and facts for Seniors when considering a second mortgage in retirement. Included are links to more detailed information. You don’t have to watch TV for long before Tom Selleck, Henry Winkler or Robert Wagner will tell you why seniors should consider a reverse mortgage. However, there are a […]

Shopping for a Mortgage

About Mortgage Shopping and How to Find the Right Lender Valuable information to know when shopping for a mortgage. Includes discussion about credit scores from inquiries, how to find the right lender, pricing and comparisons. A lower rate will not only result in a lower payment, it will amortize the loan quicker. A $250,000 mortgage […]

Why Put More Down

Options for Making a Down Payment on a New Home The least amount in a down payment is an attractive option when people are thinking of buying a home. A common reason is to have cash available for furnishing the new home and possible unexpected expenses. Some people don’t have any options because they only […]