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The posts in this category reflect the enjoyment of the beautiful scenery in the Charlottesville VA area. Charlottesville Area Beauty is a must category for this area of Virginia. 

Charlottesville Area Beauty

Posts here discuss how wonderful it is to live in the Charlottesville area in Albemarle County VA. These purpose of these posts are to give prospective home buyers an idea of what surrounding area looks like. They may also help the buyer to get a good sense of what rural Charlottesville areas are about.  Each post has one or more photos showing images of the area and some dialog. There are posts about the seasons in Albemarle County.  One post remarks how kayaking along the Rivanna River is a real joy. Several posts are about walking along Bleak House Road  and another about the Walnut Hill neighborhood, both in Earlysville, VA. In conclusion, these posts reflect the beauty of the Charlottesville area.

Great Trails to Visit in Virginia

Beautiful Trails to Hike in Virginia Information and links to hiking trails in the Charlottesville area. Also included are Shenandoah National Park, the Blue Ridge Parkway and other Virginia locations. It’s so easy for time to get away from me. And it’s really irritating to look back on a Saturday that was wasted.  I’ve been […]

Crepe Myrtles in July

Charlottesville Area Beauty: Crepe Myrtles in Earlysville Area of Albemarle County These Crepe Myrtles live at the corner of Woodlands Road and Reas Ford Road, at the four-way stop.  Notice how the color changes… they are an incredibly unusual color, more purple than pink, but depending on the light they appear almost fuschia .  Every […]

The Leaves Turned and They Haven’t All Dropped Yet!

Finally, some color!  I’ve always heard that we need a cold snap and rain to encourage the best Fall color.  We actually had a pretty wet summer, but we had a dry spell and mild temperatures just as Fall was marching in; it seemed we were going to miss that spectacular Fall foliage color once […]

The Beauty of Bleak House Road in Earlysville, VA

The Beauty of Bleak House Road in Earlysville, VA There are many beautiful spots throughout Albemarle County, and the Bleak House Road area of Earlysville is one of them.  We enjoy long walks down a lovely rural road, one with beauty, peace and neighborliness. When we walk in the morning, this is our view at […]

Albemarle Images II

The cows of Bleak House Road, how we love them. We walk 3 miles on Bleak House Road with our boys, Brunello and Vino Nobile, nearly every day.   The Garrison’s farm provides us with no end of joy, whether a beautiful sky, a stunning mountain view, birds on the fence, or cows curious about our […]

Albemarle Images I

Our dogs love to walk with us along Bleak House Road in Earlysville, located just outside of the urban area of Charlottesville.  It’s easy to revel in the beauty of the Earlysville area and offer up a great big thank you for allowing us the opportunity to have found this glorious spot all those years […]