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Charlottesville Area Events

Most posts on this blog discuss local and rural events in the Charlottesville VA area. Other posts will give information about upcoming events. Charlottesville Area Events posts will include holiday posts such as Christmas and July 4. There is a post about Spring time in Charlottesville.  Some Albemarle County neighborhood posts will have links to local events. There are informative posts about special places in the Charlottesville area. These posts discuss  those places with in-house events. Other posts are discussions about special groups. Certain posts give  information about events happening at the time of posting.  One post is about UVA sports and another covers the Charlottesville City Market. Overall, this category will discuss what is available to see and do in the Charlottesville area. 

Ivy Creek Natural Area – Wooded Trails and Nature Programs All Year Long!

Ivy Creek Natural Area: Learn All About This Very Special Gem of a Park in the Charlottesville Area The Ivy Creek Natural Area is an Albemarle County/City of Charlottesville park overseen and protected by the volunteer Ivy Creek Foundation.  We’re so lucky to live in a community that is committed to our natural environment! Organizations […]

Charlottesville Area Holiday Events: A Cornucopia of Fun!

Enjoy the Many Interesting Holiday Events in the Charlottesville Area The following list of Charlottesville Area Holiday Events includes links and information about upcoming things to do and see. Wow! As you will read below, there is a lot happening this year for the holidays in the Charlottesville area. Begin planning now to enjoy our […]

INNISFREE VILLAGE, A Life-Sharing Residential Community for Adults

Innisfree Village Recently Virginia and I were given the wonderful opportunity of a personal tour through the beautiful and special residential community of Innisfree Village by Nancy Chappell, Associate Director and Community Coordinator. Nancy Chappell has worn many hats in her time with Innisfree since 1992, including Volunteer Coordinator and Medical Coordinator, and now also […]