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Maintaining Your Charlottesville Home

The following posts discuss good home ownership practice in maintaining your Charlottesville home. Posts cover home improvements from roof maintenance to landscaping tips. Many posts will discuss living green, saving money, Feng Shui, and other lifestyles. One post is an article about making your home a healthier place to live. Other posts describe financing a home remodel or refreshing the look of your home. Some posts may discuss seasonal home maintenance checklists as well as gardening tips. There is a post about water damage and roof eaves. In addition, there are posts about Home Improvement Apps and Home Office Security Check. All posts give great advice with important information about maintaining and up-keeping your home.

Get Ready to Have a Garage Sale

How to Plan and Prepare Your Garage Sale A well-planned garage or yard sale can give you extra space in your home, get rid of unused items and make some money but it needs some of the same considerations that any business needs to be successful. Here is What You Need to Consider: Start early […]

Financing Home Improvements

Choices for Financing Home Improvements Helpful and valuable information about financing home improvements. Options included are types of loans and other resources. Home Improvement Loans Home improvement loans provide a source of funds for owners to finance the improvements they want to make. These are usually, personal installment loans that are not collateralized by the […]

Mobile Phone Home Improvement Apps and Information for Your Home

Very Useful Home Improvement Apps and Information A great article with links to home improvement apps for your mobile phone. Also, there are links to other useful information about maintaining your home.  When I first saw the following article in House Logic, I wondered, “aren’t we over-app’d yet”?  Then, I downloaded the Price Grabber and […]

Your Clutter-Clearing Plan for 2020, from Houzz

Read This Article for Information and Tips About Maintaining Your Home Laura Gaskill’s Houzz magazine article with information about maintaining your home and making it clutter free. Laura Gaskill, Houzz Contributor. “I cover decorating ideas, Houzz tours & the monthly home maintenance checklist. My favorite pieces to write center around the emotional aspects of home […]

Home Office Security Check: Have You Done This Lately?

Home Office Security Check: Be Safe Now! Advice and tips for making a quick home office security check. If you take these precautions now, they will save you many headaches later. Although the following is older information, it still pertains to today. More so, it is especially important to secure your equipment and data these […]