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Maintaining Your Charlottesville Home

The following posts discuss good home ownership practice in maintaining your Charlottesville home. Posts cover home improvements from roof maintenance to landscaping tips. Many posts will discuss living green, saving money, Feng Shui, and other lifestyles. One post is an article about making your home a healthier place to live. Other posts describe financing a home remodel or refreshing the look of your home. Some posts may discuss seasonal home maintenance checklists as well as gardening tips. There is a post about water damage and roof eaves. In addition, there are posts about Home Improvement Apps and Home Office Security Check. All posts give great advice with important information about maintaining and up-keeping your home.

7 Mid-Summer Lawn and Garden Tips

There are times when I dream about how wonderful it might be to spin off a clone of myself, another “me” to get through the list.  Or maybe, if there was someone to just manage my life for me?  Hmmm…. Well, I came across a newsletter from Sears called Manage My Life, which has good […]

Your Charlottesville Home and Water: Rain Gutters

Your Charlottesville Home and Water: Rain Gutters As homeowners, we have a love-hate relationship with water.  As a living, breathing creature, we need water to survive.  It sustains us, as well as the food we eat.  If you are dependent on a public water supply, there is a cost associated with the water that you […]

Green Home Improvements for Your Charlottesville Home

Green Home Improvements for your Charlottesville Home Now more than ever, we’re all looking for ways to save money.  We all also know that paying attention to insulation, windows, attics, and crawl spaces can help us stop wasting money., a service provided by the National Association of Realtors, archives hundreds of worthwhile articles that […]

Saving Water by Replacing Toilets

Water conservation Charlottesville Did you know? –> A typical household uses 185 to 300 gallons of water a day and the majority of it goes down the drain from the toilet and the shower. Updating your commodes will serve as a conservation effort while lowering your water bill.   Today’s toilets use less water, prevent […]

It’s Time Again To Think About Winterizing Your Charlottesville Home

  It’s hard to believe we’re only a month away from Thanksgiving! Cool Fall evenings are the harbinger of cooler days and nights, which we’ll be experiencing consistently soon. Following are a couple of simple, yet excellent, articles to help Charlottesville homeowners prepare their homes for the coming colder temps. Of course, winter-izing your home […]