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Senior Living in Charlottesville

The posts in this category give information about resources for Senior Living in Charlottesville and the surrounding area. Posts will discuss most topics that retirees and seniors will want to know about. First of all, posts will discuss the many options for housing and health care. These posts will include various affordable housing, independent living, and assisted living availability. Also, posts will give information about available Senior Services, such as the Jefferson Area Board of Aging (JABA). Other posts will be thoughts about fun and educational things to do for Seniors in the Charlottesville area. In addition, there are links on all posts for more detailed information.  Finally, you should quickly be able to gather information about what living in the Charlottesville VA area is about!

Services for Seniors Living in the Charlottesville Area

Services for Seniors Living in the Charlottesville Area What an amazing selection of services for Seniors living in the Charlottesville area we have! Whether you are living independently or are in assisted living, you have choices for in-home assistance, transportation, and healthcare resources. There are a many free services as well as those that come […]

Senior Living In Charlottesville VA

Senior Living in Charlottesville VA  is bountiful in wonderful resources and places to live for all Seniors, whether active or requiring assistance. We often hear from people who are considering retirement and looking at options for Senior Living in Charlottesville VA. We are delighted to have the opportunity to introduce newcomers to the area!  This […]