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Discover Charlottesville

The posts here focus on why the Charlottesville VA  area is one of the country’s best places to live. The posts inform potential home buyers about the many qualities of life  that make this area very inviting. Posts will describe neighborhoods in town and rural areas. There is a post about Senior Living and affiliated communities.  Specific neighborhoods are described with links to homes for sale. Some posts will focus on seasons and local events. Other posts will describe the area in more detail along with neat places to visit. In addition, one particular post links Charlottesville to Forbes Top 25 Happiest Places to Live. In conclusion, one can discover Charlottesville through these posts.

Democracy in America, at UVa

Democracy in America: Education for All at UVA in Charlottesville The birth of Democracy in America began once George Washington published his Farewell Address and voluntarily left office as our 1st President. This is because it was the first time democracy was put to the test in that turbulent political time. This is all according […]

Charlottesville’s Neighborhoods Offer a Diversity of Lifestyles

Charlottesville Offers Neighborhood Diversity of Lifestyles in Our Area Homes The following article discusses Charlottesville’s diversity of lifestyles in area neighborhood and community housing. One of the things I hope to accomplish here is to create an overall impression of Charlottesville’s variety of housing options available in Charlottesville. While we are in many ways still […]

Charlottesville, One of America’s Favorite Cities!

Ever Wonder Why Charlottesville is a Favorite City in America? The following articles discuss various aspects of why Charlottesville is a favorite city in the nation. Included are high ratings for living here. Charlottesville has been written about as a truly wonderful place to live over the years.  Also, it has been voted to top […]

What Makes the Charlottesville Area Such a Great Place to Live?

Charlottesville Is A Great Place to Live Because…. The following information lists some of the reasons why Charlottesville is a great place to live. Also included are links to more related articles. What makes the Charlottesville Area such a great place to live? That’s a Realtor question if I’ve ever heard one. However, although the […]

Charlottesville Area Public Radio and TV Information

Across the Mountains: Public Radio and TV in the Charlottesville Area Information and Links to Public Radio and TV in Albemarle County, Charlottesville, Fluvanna and Greene Counties, and more. I often describe the Charlottesville area as “quietly sophisticated”.  It doesn’t scream about it’s wonderful-ness, it just has it! This is because you can find educational […]