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Finances: Security, Taxes, and Savings

Posts here are articles that discuss financial security, tax tips, tax returns, interest rates and savings. The articles contain information that everyone should know about, particularly home owners and buyers. There is a post on how to keep your finances secure from scammers (how to outsmart them). Another discusses what divorcing homeowners need to know about their taxes. Nine easy tax mistakes that homeowners make is of great value. Spiking interest rates is another issue. Saving your money is a must in looking to the future. In conclusion, these posts should be read by everyone interested in protecting and saving their money.

Challenging your Property Tax Assessment

The deadline for challenging your property tax assessment this year may be later than normal due to the stay at home orders but when you are notified, you’ll want to be ready to decide whether you can save some money on property taxes this year. There are two elements that determine the amount of property […]

What kind of properties are these?

Types of Properties: Finances and Taxes Valuable information explaining types of properties and how they are taxed including what financing is available for property buyers and owners. It is the way the property is used that determines the type of property it is, not what it looks like. Based on the intent of the owner, […]

Why Put More Down

Options for Making a Down Payment on a New Home The least amount in a down payment is an attractive option when people are thinking of buying a home. A common reason is to have cash available for furnishing the new home and possible unexpected expenses. Some people don’t have any options because they only […]

Financing Home Improvements

Choices for Financing Home Improvements Helpful and valuable information about financing home improvements. Options included are types of loans and other resources. Home Improvement Loans Home improvement loans provide a source of funds for owners to finance the improvements they want to make. These are usually, personal installment loans that are not collateralized by the […]