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Finances: Security, Taxes, and Savings

Posts here are articles that discuss financial security, tax tips, tax returns, interest rates and savings. The articles contain information that everyone should know about, particularly home owners and buyers. There is a post on how to keep your finances secure from scammers (how to outsmart them). Another discusses what divorcing homeowners need to know about their taxes. Nine easy tax mistakes that homeowners make is of great value. Spiking interest rates is another issue. Saving your money is a must in looking to the future. In conclusion, these posts should be read by everyone interested in protecting and saving their money.

Financing Home Improvements

Choices for Financing Home Improvements Helpful and valuable information about financing home improvements. Options included are types of loans and other resources. Home Improvement Loans Home improvement loans provide a source of funds for owners to finance the improvements they want to make. These are usually, personal installment loans that are not collateralized by the […]

House-Hacking Rental Property

How House-Hacking Rental Property Can Increase Your Net Worth Valuable information about “house-hacking” rental property including what it means with examples and how it can benefit you as the owner-occupant. House-hacking refers to buying a multifamily property on an owner-occupied mortgage, living in one unit and renting the others. If you’re thinking about becoming a […]

Who Earns the Commission?

About Real Estate Commissions Valuable information about commissions including comparisons about hiring a realtor or not and what is involved. What do you think the motivating reason would be for the 5% of all homebuyers who chose not to work with an agent but instead conducted their own home search, contacted the seller, negotiated the […]

Take the Standard Deduction & the Home

About the Standard Deduction and Home Finances Now that the standard deduction is increased to $12,200 for single taxpayers and $24,400 for married ones, many homeowners are better off with the standard deduction than itemizing their deductions to write off their mortgage interest and property taxes. There was some speculation that without the tax advantages, […]

Understanding Reverse Mortgages

Learn How A Reverse Mortgage May Work For You Reverse mortgage loans are like traditional mortgages that permits homeowners to borrow money using their home as collateral while retaining title to the property. Reverse mortgage loans don’t require monthly payments. The loan is due and payable when the borrower no longer lives in the home […]

Personal Finance Review: Learn How to Increase Your Savings

Complete A Personal Finance Review and Save Money! Advice and tips on how to save money by conducting a personal finance review. Valuable information for everyone in the Charlottesville area. Even if Benjamin Franklin never actually used the expression “a penny saved is a penny earned”, the reality is that it has been a sentiment […]