Broadus Wood Elementary School

Earlysville Area Schools

Schools in the Earlysville Area

Map and links to Earlysville Area Schools including public and private. Find homes for sale in Earlysville, Albemarle County, and the Charlottesville area.

The following lists include pre-schools, public and private schools in the Earlysville area. You can also visit this website of interest for further details: Great!

Private PRE-K SCHOOLS in Earlysville

Butterfly Garden Preschool: 3 and 4 year olds

Chestnut Grove Preschool: 3 and 4 year olds

Ms. Alison’s Kangaroo Preschool: 3 and 4 year olds (You can choose 2-5 days a week.)

Also, please visit here to find out more about other private Pre-K schools in the Earlysville/Charlottesville area:
Private Schools in the Charlottesville Area


Earlysville Public Schools are defined according to the limits of zip code 22936. They are generally known to be Broadus Wood Elementary School, Jack Jouet Middle School, and Albemarle High School. However, there are tiny pockets of homes which fall within the Agnor Hurt Elementary School district. This is because these homes are located along Earlysville Road, closer to Hydraulic Road.

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Link to Broadus Wood Elementary School: PreK – 5th Grade

Broadus Wood Elementary School Photo
Broadus Wood Elementary School
Jack Jouett Middle School Photo
Jack Jouett Middle School
Albemarle County High School Photo
Albemarle County High School

SEARCH Earlysville HOMES in the Albemarle High School District.


Albemarle Montessori Children’s Community SchoolPre-Primary-Elementary (Albemarle County)

Blue Ridge School  – All Boys boarding school, grades 9-12 (Greene County)

Free Union Country Day SchoolPreSchool – Grade 5 (Albemarle County)

United Christian Academy– grades PreK-5 (Greene County)

Woodberry Forest SchoolAll Boys grades 9-12 – Boarding and Day School (Orange County)

Also, please visit here to find out more about all private schools in the Earlysville/Charlottesville Area:
            Private Schools in the Charlottesville Area


All About  Earlysville

All Earlysville Neighborhoods
     Rivanna River Neighborhoods in Earlysville

Churches in the Earlysville Area

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