Charlottesville Area Schools: Louisa County Schools

Louisa County Schools: Public and Private

Louisa County Schools consist of 6 public and 2 private schools. Following are the locations and links to these schools in the Charlottesville area.

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***Private pre-schools and K-12 schools located in Louisa County follow our listing of Public Schools below.***

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Louisa County Public Schools

Jouett Elementary– grades K-5
Moss-Nuckols Elementary– grades K-5
Thomas Jefferson Elementary – grades K-5
Trevilians Elementary – grades K-5

Louisa County Middle School – grades 6-8

Louisa County High School – grades 9-12

Visit the Louisa County Public Schools website

Louisa County Private Schools

Mineral Christian School – pre-K – grade 2

Piedmont Christian School – grades K-12

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