7 Mid-Summer Lawn and Garden Tips

There are times when I dream about how wonderful it might be to spin off a clone of myself, another “me” to get through the list.  Or maybe, if there was someone to just manage my life for me?  Hmmm….

Well, I came across a newsletter from Sears called Manage My Life, which has good information and useful tips.  It may not be as good as having someone at my elbow reminding me what needs to be done, but the information is helpful nonetheless.  The latest is about our mid-summer gardens, and with this crazy summer we’ve had, I can use all the help I can get.

Charlottesville Realto, Virginia Gardner7 Mid-Summer Lawn and Garden Tips
by Erin Hynes

In July and August, the thrill of the garden’s spring rebirth has worn off, the days are hot, and the mosquitoes are voracious. Now’s the time to hang out at the pool instead of working in the garden. To save time and sweat while keeping your lawn and garden healthy, here are seven garden dos and don’ts for mid-summer.  Go to article…

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