“Habits of Really Clean People”

Habits of Really Clean People

“10 Habits of Really Clean People” – that was the subject line of the HGTV Newsletter that hit my email-box this morning, and I had to open it!   The link I have provided below will take you to the full article, which is actually tips from people who keep very clean and neat houses.  I was happy to read that I am among this group of “people who keep clean houses”! We follow 7 of the 10 tips in our home.  Tip #2 about “the broom” was one I might work on;  I use my broom a lot, but it never occurred to me that I might find a broom to love!  And Tip #7! Well, I cart things up and down the stairs more than I care to admit, and I think it’s high time I find a great basket for the task!

The latest improvement I’ve made to my linen closets they also suggest in Tip #8. Therefore I can attest to the fact that it is a great improvement for those of us with a little OCD-ness.

#8 Committing to an Orderly Linen Closet

Photo from HGTV’s “Weekend Inspiration” newsletter (Feb 10, 2018)

For all 10 tips, be sure to visit HGTV’s February 10, 2018 “Weekend Inspiration” Newsletter article: 


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