It’s Time Again To Think About Winterizing Your Charlottesville Home


It’s hard to believe we’re only a month away from Thanksgiving! Cool Fall evenings are the harbinger of cooler days and nights, which we’ll be experiencing consistently soon. Following are a couple of simple, yet excellent, articles to help Charlottesville homeowners prepare their homes for the coming colder temps. Of course, winter-izing your home also “summer”-izes it! The goal is to create a comfortable environment that saves energy and money!

Window Door Inspection Air Leaks

How to Inspect Windows, Doors to Stop Air and Water Leaks

Inspect windows and doors regularly to stop air leaks and water seeps that create high energy and repair bills. We’ll show you how.

Fix Air Leaks Around Windows Stopping Door Air Leaks

Seal Air Leaks Around Windows and Doors

Seal air leaks around your windows and doors to prevent wasting precious home heating and cooling energy that costs you money. Read

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