Cash Mob Charlottesville Strikes Downtown

Charlottesville Real Estate agent Virginia Gardner, www.charlottesvillehome.comHave you heard the phrase, “We came. We spent. We partied.” ?  It’s something you’ll be hearing more about in Charlottesville as the Cash Mob Charlottesville continues it’s fantastic (and exciting!) work (FUN) around town! There is a whole movement afoot, from Cleveland to Sydney to Charlottesville and beyond!  You can read all about it HERE.

Charlottesville VA Realtor Virginia Gardner, www.charlottesvillehome.comMarch 24th was designated as NATIONAL CASH MOB DAY, and Charlottesville’s very  own C’ville Arts Gallery (on the downtown mall at 118 E. Main) was selected as the inaugural mob spot from an initial list of 30 or more businesses.  Each mobster brought $20 cash to spend at the secret site (the site was announced as everyone gathered at the Pavilion), and Gallery artists took in a crazy $1700 in the 45 minutes of frenzied shopping spree.

It was a great, fun event supporting a local business.

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