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I often describe Charlottesville as “quietly sophisticated”.  It doesn’t scream about it’s wonderful-ness, it just has it.

We are incredibly fortunate in this part of the world (Central Virginia) to be within striking distance of so many Universities, among them Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, which is 3.5 hours west of Charlottesville. Of course, there are public radio stations all over the state, and Charlottesville has had its own for years (WMRA on 103.5).  However, in 2003, Virginia Tech expanded the programming of that region’s flagship NPR station, WVTF, with Radio IQ.  Radio IQ broadcasts all news and talk programming from both NPR and the BBC World Service.  

Radio IQ’s call letters are WWVT, broadcasting on the AM dial at 1260.  It’s programming is repeated on WFFC, 89.9 FM in Ferrum, Virginia and WVTW, 88.5 in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Abingdon/Bristol/Emory 90.7
Afton/Staunton/Waynesboro 88.1
Charlottesville Area 88.5
Ferrum/Martinsville/Smith Mountain Lake 89.9
Lexington 91.5
Lynchburg 89.5
Blacksburg/Christiansburg/NRV 1260 AM
Richmond 92.5
Roanoke 89.7

What I personally love about NPR news is its humanism; I feel that I can relate to the news, it’s warmer, not sensational, and the reporters place the news within the framework of our lives…. You can reach out and touch it.  I know that I will learn something every time I turn on Radio IQ.  Whether I am treated to the telling of a short story or an interview with a musician or family in Iraq, I am transported to a unique place. Of course, the news provided by the BBC is one of the great added benefits of Radio IQ programming.  I seriously feel blessed to have such readily available access to this European service; the benefit of the different perspective is beyond measure, in my opinion.

Following is an example of the Radio IQ programming (December 2010).


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