What Makes Charlottesville Such a Great Place to Live?

Virginia Gardner, Charlottesville VA RealtorWhy does Charlottesville make so many “great places to live” lists?  That’s a Realtor question if I’ve ever heard one,   but, departments at the University of Virginia think it’s a pretty good topic, too.  Thanks to the University of Virginia Darden and Law Schools, there are several really good, all very different, videos produced by graduate and doctoral students, promoting the Charlottesville lifestyle.  I’ve been doing a little studying about video marketing this morning and stopped the training tape long enough to search YouTube for Charlottesville videos.  The following video is one of the best, cleanest, clearest, most professional, and, frankly, incredibly inclusive videos I’ve seen to date. 

If you’ve been thinking about moving to Charlottesville,  be sure to watch this piece by Karen Dottore, a student with the University of Virginia Law School, class of 2012.

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