It’s Official – the Market has POPPED Open

It’s amazing watching it happen, and it is always exciting –> It’s the first of March and the Charlottesville Real Estate Market has Arrived!

shutterstock_127925873It was interesting that things seemed a little busier than usual right after the new year.  Then the stock market went wonky,  we had “the big snow”, and Presidential politics got a little weird.  Things seemed to settle down a little bit.

Well, let me tell you what…

  • The weather is glorious (a little too glorious for so early, but I’ll take it!);
  • The stock market seems to have settled down (at least for the moment); and,
  • Presidential politics are still odd, but at least we’ve had our primary.

And the market has just opened wide!  Inventory is low, so buyers should get ready for a wild ride.  Call me! (434) 981-0871
house sold reduced