My husband, Stephen, and I moved to Earlysville in 1990.  We love our home and the quality of life this community affords us.   Professionally, I am a Realtor, and it would be my pleasure to introduce you to Earlysville and share why I believe you will love a home in Earlysville.   – Virginia


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Earlysville homes and community with Realtor Virginia Gardner
Captured one morning as we walked the dogs along Bleak House Road

Earlysville, Virginia
Then and Now

Earlysville is a rural community located just northwest of Charlottesville, close to the Charlottesville Regional Airport (CHO).  It features pretty rural neighborhoods and lovely farms and estates.  Schools are located in the village or close by, and good shopping and popular restaurants are all within 15 minutes of Earlysville-proper. 

Many of the area’s major employers are located within a 10 – 30 minutes drive of Earlysville, including the University of Virginia,  Downtown businesses, the National Ground Intelligence Center (NGIC), and companies based at the University of Virginia Research Park.

Earlysville offers subdivided, neighborhood environments, with lot sizes ranging from 1-5 acres on streets which end in cul de sacs.  There are also more rural neighborhoods, areas that are not contained; they are, instead, individual 2+ acre homesites that border state roads or are located at the end of long driveways.  It’s a very interesting, very beautiful area, with pastoral, wooded, or mountain views at every turn.

This is a neighborhood community, where people know and care about one another.  There is a certain peace and quiet, and an expectation of privacy,  that comes with living in a rural environment, no matter how convenient it may be to shopping, school, and employment.

Those of us who have chosen Earlysville as our home know that we enjoy the best of all worlds.


Earlysville-proper (the post office area) is located approximately 10.5 miles from the the Downtown Mall in the City of Charlottesville. There are approximately 2400 homes located within the Earlysville-22936 area.

Shopping, entertainment, and dining venues are plentiful

  • Hollymead Town Center – 3.5 miles –  with among others Harris Teeter, Panera, Kohls, Five Guys; CVS and Walgreens, a small strip center with Chinese, Mexican, American Diner-type food, and a coffee shop-ice cream parlor), and the Forest Lakes commercial area (various fast food, Food Lion, Riverside Grill and several others).
  • The Shops at Stonefield – 7.5 miles – plentiful fine-and-casual dining venues, Traders Joe’s, Regal Theater with IMAX, and shops running the gamut from L L Bean and Orvis to Williams Sonoma and Pier One, and everything in between.  Also, Costco.
  • Rio Hill Shopping Center and area – 6.5 miles – Lowe’s, Kroger, dining includes Brick Oven (local) and Chick-fil-a, Banking, Pet Food Discounters, the SPCA
  • Whole Foods – 7.8 miles
  • Barracks Road Shopping Center – 8.4 miles –  the area’s higher-end shopping, includes locally-owned boutique shops and gourmet-to-go, along with some of the national restaurant chains, Kroger and Harris Teeter grocery stores, an Old Navy, Michael’s, Barnes & Noble’s, and more (15-20 minutes)
  • A beautiful new Public Library, the NORTHSIDE LIBRARY (Jefferson-Madison Regional Library) – 7 miles
  • and so much more within 15 minutes of this quiet, lovely rural community.


Our Earlysville Volunteer Fire Company – this piece was written by Earlysville resident and committed Fire Company volunteer, Lois Dean.  I’m not certain of the date, but I would guess it was around the year 2000.

“Before the early 1960s, the community of Earlysville was mostly rural farmland. There was a small grocery store with gas pumps. The post office was located in the corner of a home next to the grocery store. There were no subdivisions in the area. Then, Earlysville, like most communities started growing with many new homes being built. The local Ruritan Club saw the need for a local Volunteer Fire Company and they held community meetings to gather interest and support. The Charlottesville Fire Department donated the first engine to be used by the newly organized Fire Company with the stipulation that it had to be housed in a building.  Mr. James B. Murray, who owned Murray Manufacturing, donated land to the new fire company.  Walter and Robert Jones, local contractors and members of the Fire Company, donated their time to building the first fire station. Quite a few of the members of this new company worked at Murray Manufacturing and were allowed to leave their jobs in the daytime to run fire calls. They fought brush fires with rakes and tree limbs before having a fire engine or building. At that time there was no 911 dispatching system. Fire Calls went into the Charlottesville Fire Department and from there to the Earlysville Volunteer Fire Company by phone. Several of the wives of the firefighters received the call by phone and each dispatched a list of firemen.

In 1983, the Earlysville Fire Company outgrew the first fire station and built a new station, also located on Reas Ford Road. At the present time, the Fire Company runs both fire and medical calls and covers a “territory” of 100 square miles. We started with one fire engine and now have a fleet of 2 engines, 1 tanker, 1 Hazmat unit, 2 brush trucks, a “first responder” medical car and a command car. The “Hazmat Unit – Support 47” went into service in 1996 and was the first “Hazmat Unit” Countywide. It was a 1986 model Chevrolet step van truck donated by Virginia Power and refurbished by the members of the Company.  Support 47 was used to respond to chemical, oil and Hazmat spills and it served as an air supply unit on structure fires and “mutual aid” support for the County.  It also had a generator for lighting and to make coffee when the firemen are on calls for extended periods of time. In the early 1960s when the Company was first founded, a fire engine cost approximately $38,000. Today, that fire engine cost is approximately $400,000.

Also, at that time, there were no “first responders” or “EMT” running emergency medical calls in any of the fire companies, because the program did not exist. In 1985, the Earlysville Volunteer Fire Company, in conjunction with the Charlottesville Albemarle Rescue Squad, became the first “First Responder” group to see how it would work to have a volunteer fire company running medical calls along with the rescue squad. The program was so successful that now all the County volunteer fire companies are a part of the “first responder” program.

The Earlysville Volunteer Fire Company also provides “mutual aid” to the surrounding fire companies as needed. The Earlysville Volunteer Fire Company is an “Emergency Shelter” during natural disasters and a source for obtaining water. We are very fortunate in our Company to have a “Junior Firefighter” program. This is a program for young people 16 and 17 years of age whom are interested in being able to join a volunteer fire company. We have for the last several years, sponsored a “Junior Firefighter Academy” which has been very successful. During this week, to two week long course, these young people are taught about firefighting, the equipment on the engines and how to use it, about motor vehicles accidents and how to extricate someone from a vehicle, and how to fight brush fires, etc.

The Earlysville Volunteer Fire Company serves the community with pride. We strive to be as thoroughly trained as possible so that we can best serve the community. Our goal is to protect homes and businesses, to render help to those in need of medical attention and to protect and save lives. At the present time, we have 46 senior members and 12 junior members on our roster. We are always looking for new members to join and support the community efforts of the Company. “


Michie Tavern was originally located in Earlysville. –  References for the following history come from newspaper articles, primarily the Daily Progress, beginning July 1954 through October 1974. I have gained all of my information from the archives located at the Albemarle Charlottesville Historical Society.

Most Earlysville residents learn this about the 17th century Michie Tavern. While it now stands nearby Jefferson’s Monticello, it was originally constructed along Buck Mountain Road between Free Union and Earlysville. Also, there is a marker along the Buck Mountain Road that approximates the original location of the tavern.  (A Mr. and Mrs. Henderson moved and reconstructed Michie Tavern to its current home in 1927.)  Unfortunately, I have been unsuccessful in locating any photos of the tavern before its relocation. A 1928 photo exists in the Holsinger collection at the Small Special Collections Library at the University of Virginia. It appears to be the earliest remaining visual record of the structure.

The tavern’s first owner, John Michie, was born in Scotland in 1685. The story told is that Michie took part in the Jacobite Rebellion against King James II. When the rebellion failed, Michie and others were sentenced to death or deportation. Determining which fate they would suffer was left to the fate and a bag of beans. Michie was instructed to take a bean from a sack of white and black beans. The King’s men cruelly determined that the selection of a black bean would mean his death and a white bean signaled deportation to Virginia. He drew a white bean, and he gave this bean to his friend, James Watson, who would now be saved. His second draw from the bag was also a white bean, and therefore his life was saved as well. Michie and Watson are listed on the passenger roll for a vessel (unnamed) that arrived in the New World in 1716.

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