Factors that May Add to the Value of your Charlottesville Home

Factors that may Add to the Value of your Charlottesville Home

HouseLogic, a resource for content relevant to the real estate industry, provided by the National Association of Realtors, suggested the following nine items increased the overall value of a person’s home…

1. Surf Breaks
2. Parks and Open Spaces
3. Living Near a Walmart
4. Solar Photovoltaic Systems
5. Walkability
6. Accessory Dwelling Units
7. Professional Sports Arenas
8. Community Gardens
9. Trees

“Surf Breaks” is a awkward way of saying that your house will be valued more if it is located close to the ocean!  Of course, it would be a real trick in Charlottesville, wouldn’t it?  “Living near a Walmart”, hmmmm…  close proximity to a good grocery store and easy access to one of the big box stores is often an advantage, though I have never had a client request Walmart specifically.  The “Accessory Dwelling Unit”, or some other space for inlaws and returning adult children, yes, that can definitely be an advantage these days.    “Parks” , “Trees”, definitely.  See the article below for more points and an explanation…

Charlottesville Va Realtor Virginia Gardner

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