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Deer and What to do about them in your Garden

Deer in Your Garden Do you have deer in your garden? Following are a note of interest and an article that will help.  “Deer have not always been pests. Native Americans regarded deer as magical creatures. Early pioneers relied on them as an essential food source. Settlers used deerskins as as a form of currency. […]

Preparing the Charlottesville Vegetable Garden for Winter

Some Thoughts about Preparing the Charlottesville Vegetable for Winter This was my vegetable garden mid-summer… At this point, the asparagus were finished, the cukes were coming in, I had a late crop of tomatoes (though my husband got his 25 plants in on time in another part of the property), the sweet potatoes were flourishing, […]

How to have a vegetable garden when the light is all wrong in your back yard.

Yes, you can still have a vegetable garden when the light is all wrong in your back yard.  Plant in the front yard!  You may be thinking that a front yard vegetable garden will be unsightly, or perhaps you live with a Homeowners Association which prohibits vegetable gardens in the front yard.  Trust me, you […]

End of Season Gardening in Charlottesville

End of Season Gardening in Charlottesville, or… Planning for a Fall (and maybe Winter) Harvest I’m usually up early, and once I’ve fed the animals, have tended to email, have checked my calendar,  and have taken a look at the current real estate listings (what’s new to the market, dropped in price, gone under contract/sold), I settle in with […]

Sowing the Seeds of Spring: How to Start your Garden Indoors

Following is a very general article about beginning your garden indoors.  These are basic rules, and I will be providing a more in-depth look at how we find the space and time to begin our garden indoors each your.  Check back, or better yet, subscribe to receive an email when new posts are posted. Sowing […]

Vegetable Gardening in Charlottesville

Vegetable Gardening in Charlottesville How we began this journey… As we returned from our walk this morning, I turned to Stephen and said, “You know we’re late getting the seeds started.” A few years ago, Stephen and I started the “where will we retire” conversation.  We’re years away from that moment but close enough that […]