Virginia desires the long term well-being of her clients

This was our first home sale, and our second home purchase:

Virginia understands the dynamics of buyers and of sellers. She contributed greatly to the consulting process for us as sellers and as buyers–working through scenarios as well educating us on boundaries legally and socially in  the Charlottesville Area Market. She brings a clarity to the process, as well other invaluables arising from her intrinsic self, her knowledge of the area and real estate. She desires the long term well-being of her clients and her actions reflect this in the long-sighted contributions she makes throughout the buying process. She brings a LOT of good recommendations.

She is enjoyable to work with, astute, compassionate, fair and realistic. She really worked alongside us throughout the processes–which got hairy a few times due to the unique orchestration of our simultaneous selling and purchasing within a severely abbreviated time frame.

She will caution you with long term area development plans that would affect the value of your property! Listen to her! We wouldn’t have been able to afford to sell if we had not listened to her when we purchased 9 years ago.

If you have been in the Charlottesville and surrounding areas a long time like us, or you are new, Virginia has a lot of knowledge and expertise to share!