“Yes! She’s the one!”

My fiancee and I were preparing to move to Texas for a new job, so we needed to sell our house in a hurry. We were struggling to decide between two agents, neither or which seemed right for us, and then my fiancee remembered Virginia. As soon as she said her name, it was like, “Yes! She’s the  one!” I think we made a great choice. We wanted to list our house for a little more than we had bought it for 5 years earlier, but Virginia suggested we list it at significantly more. We hemmed and hawed a bit and decided on a little less than Virginia suggested. Within 10 days of listing the house (maybe less?), we were under contract for more than our asking price. (I wish we would have listened to Virginia and listed it for more!)

Things I really appreciated about Virginia are:
– Her frankness
– Her ability to clearly discern what’s important and what’s not
– Her responsiveness to communications
– The way she simplified our portion of the process
– Your faith in our house’s ability to sell

It was a real pleasure working with Virginia and I would do it again in a heartbeat! Thank you Virginia!